About Us

About Us

Jam Jar Bakery put a spin on the home bakers method of baking pie in a mason jar, which has been around for decades, by putting our pies in Jam Jars! Our Jar Pies are a chic, gourmet twist on this classic, rustic dessert! They are a sweet favor for any special occasion or great as a treat on the go. With the Jam Jar Pie you get to indulge in the entire pie, but just a single serving.

Jam Jar Bakery was created by Abby Lavin, who moved to NYC from Cleveland, Ohio to pursue her passion for baking. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute in 2009, Abby has worked at some of the top NYC restaurants and bakeries such as, Craft, Colicchio & Sons, and Magnolia Bakery. In 2013, she brought her dream of owning her own business to life with Jam Jar Bakery. In June 2016 Abby opened the doors to Abigail’s Bakeshop, named for her Grandma, and home of Jam Jar Bakery as well as a full menu of sweets.

Jam Jar Bakery invents new flavors each season, so be sure to check our site often!


Jam Jar Bakery